We understand that every company has different expectations and their employees will have different needs. However, almost all benefits can be placed into one of three core categories and this is where we concentrate our advice:

  1. Financial
  2. Physical
  3. Emotional

Working with you, we will assess your needs and those of your employees to ensure the right mixture of benefits is offered. Using our bespoke benefit technology, we can cater for almost any combination. The choice is yours and you are in control. We are here to help guide you and make sure you receive maximum value for your spend.

We also offer strong expertise, with in-depth knowledge of local risk factors through our global partners: a consultative approach on the diversification of risk to balance the portfolio and reduce volatility.

Multinational companies with centralised management of employee benefits worldwide, and/or who are expanding internationally will benefit from our solution.

International policies are normally subject to minimum qualifying criteria but using the Eppione platform for managing benefits can help identify benefits that might meet these criteria and bring automatic savings and greater benefit governance to any organisation.