Associations are in an ideal position to benefit from Eppione’s integrated technology solutions and employee benefit services.

The members of every association are distinct and unique, and Eppione can customise a benefits package to suit your members’ exact needs. Through a thorough analysis of your program, we’ll engage leading insurers and help build high-value, high-performance benefits.

As an association, your members expect you to be their advocate. When it comes to benefits, we can help you fulfil that role. Our directors long-standing relationships with insurers and providers mean we can help ensure that your members get access to:


  • Competitive rates and group discounts
  • Personalised customer service
  • Eppione’s Proprietary online portals that provide education and valuable tools

Providing members with an economical and comprehensive benefits package helps to build loyalty and increases revenue from dues. Plus, our programs can be structured to help associations generate non-dues revenue as well.