A Whole Suite for Your Global Employee Benefits

Copy of EPPIONE Summary 2

EPPIONE simplifies, optimises and automates benefits & wellness

  • Global benefits placement & compliance across 100+ countries
  • Highly flexible configuration for all benefits products
  • Fully integrated employee and employer data
  • Real time HR and benefits analytics and reporting
  • Mobile-first employee benefits hub
  • Open and flexible enrolment
  • Fully licensed brokerage advisory (digital brokerage coming soon)
  • Financial wellness education/ planning
  • Connectivity with payroll, HR and benefits providers (coming soon)


Single platform for global benefits

Able to administer complex data sources on employees, benefits products, regional offices, finance, HR, compliance, benchmarks

Full benefits visibility and feedback

Full insights and decisioning support



Flexible, mix and match benefits products

Awareness of the full range of benefits

User friendly, central hub, self-service capability, mobile app accessibility


Not integrated with client data to streamline and automate workflow

Lack of robust back-end admin capabilities

Time consuming process of launch of new benefits products