Look after your most important asset

We understand the complex world of employee benefits and it’s our job to make things easy for you.  That’s why we have created the ‘A Better Life’ wellbeing solution.

A better life is geared towards any individual who has ever asked if there is something better or someone who is struggling with the day-to-day grind.  We have collaborated with experts from the world of personal development including a leading international personal development coach, a leading NHS Occupational therapist and coach who created the in house program for NHS staff, an ex-professional footballer who is now leading the way in the world of nutrition and physical wellbeing and our very own private client financial advisers to provide a wellness solution that focuses on the issues that really impact them.

  • The Mind – how to focus, prioritise, set goals, deal with difficulties, and generally feel better about yourself. Delivered by a series of videos and worksheets that employee can take at their own pace
  • The Body – Including video content with easy to digest information on simple and effective body movement to help with all types of conditions and injury prevention. Whilst also delivering information on nutrition and how our bodies and minds can benefit from certain food types
  • The Finances – Engaging content delivered by experts but broken down to its simplest form.  Easy to follow videos and supporting content with workbooks for your employees to feel better about your finances

This program is all inclusive and no matter what stage of life you are at or how well you believe you are doing we strongly believe that together we can achieve more, make gains across all areas and achieve happiness both inside and outside the workplace.  We believe that there is a minimum 20% gain in productivity for anyone who embraces the full course.

Indeed, our own COO Neil Fallon has completed the program and through working with this team has managed to make huge gains in weight loss, energy, positive mindset, business and finances and to quote “This program is world leading for anyone who can answer the following question with a yes – Do you want a better life?. From CEO’s to apprentices this is a life changing opportunity.”

You can upgrade to a more personalised solution for your business with bespoke group sessions and even one to one solutions.  Speak to one of our team about the upgrade options.