Your most important asset

Employee benefits now form an important part of an employee’s overall remuneration package. But we still find employers have difficulty in displaying and communicating benefits to employees.

Eppione’s integrated employee benefit approach changes the game for employers of any size.

  • Open enrolment and flexible benefits are now available to employers of any size.
    Enroll and update from anywhere on any device.
  • Check current levels and read important information on benefits from any device.
  • Self-configure any benefit and allocate benefits where required.
  • Produce reports to providers and payroll including all current pay and benefit selections.
  • Use Eppione’s employee benefit consultants to help design and structure a package for your employees.
  • Get on screen values on benefits spend at benefit level, and office level as well as full data analytics with Eppione BI giving real time actionable data on benefit trends.
  • Use full data analytics to produce metrics on employee engagement, popular benefits and use this to help design future strategy.
  • Real time total reward statement included as standard taking salary data, bonus, additional pay, flexible allowance and all spend on employee benefits.