Neil Fallon

COO and Co Founder

Neil is an Employee Benefits expert and has been helping employers with pension, insurance and employee benefits matters since 1991 . He works with the world’s leading insurance companies and benefit consultancies to implement Employee Benefits best practices around the world.

Ernest Legrand

EVP and Co-Founder

Ernest was a senior executive at IBM. He was Vice President global marketing and strategy in the insurance and banking industry and the Chair of the IBM web community worldwide. At Eppione, he is responsible for designing and building the Eppione software, developing the Eppione brand and contributing to the company strategy. 

David Kindlon

CEO and Co-Founder

David has been an insurance specialist since 2001, running the family insurance brokerage business in Dublin, Ireland. He is passionate about helping small and medium enterprises maximize their potential through the use of leading edge technologies and advisory services. David was a council member of the Irish Brokers Association.