The start of our Journey

Eppione was thought up in the back of a traditional black cab on a ride back from a client meeting.

Friends Dave and Neil had met with a client they worked on jointly for some time as employee benefit consultants in their respective countries (Ireland and UK).

The client was not small but at just over 200 people they had an issue with the cost of technology; a lack of budget and a lack of useful options for what they needed.

And, that was the start of an amazing journey from insurance experts to technology whiz kids for two middle aged men designing and building a fully integrated HR and Employee benefit solution for our Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) clients that also works for out enterprise clients as well.

“I need a platform to manage my benefits, but I don’t want to pay for yet another platform. Why can’t it all be in one place?”

"Easy we thought.
This would be perfect, who wouldn’t love it?
Why has no one done this before? "

It is easy ... or so we thought!

Developing the concept and potential design of a platform over the coming months would involve lots of long days and long nights (often involving a beer of two).

More and more ideas were added from clients and friends to define what would be the perfect HR solution.

We would not just help employers manage employee data for HR but deal with day to day tasks and calculations, allowing HR to concentrate time on the more important role of HR management. Booking holiday, logging training, adding time sheets, managing rosters, giving employees access to the important documents they need to read all the way to the complexities of managing benefits, benefit selections and flexible benefit allowances would now be done in one simple to use, secure, premium platform at an affordable price. Removing the costs of and admin headache of a multi-platform approach. Easy reporting for payroll and management would give additional functionality and why not put it all in the palm of your hand with a mobile app.

But how much would it cost to develop such a wonderful too? Enter Ernest, who Dave and Neil had met previously and built a strong friendship with following a conference speech where Ernest had spoken about the cost of technology development and the price of getting it wrong. Ernest’s expertise would prove invaluable and rather than just recruit him to build the idea we had put together we asked Ernest to be a business partner. The best decision we could have made.


From concept to delivery as three friends we are proud of where we have been and how far we have come.

We have built a family of friends throughout the business and surrounded ourselves with experts in HR, Employee Benefits, Insurance and Financial Advice.  

Our team together brings a value proposition that we feel is unmatched in today’s market.

We continue to develop friendships as demonstrated by our partners in health & saftey services, payroll, and employee engagement.  We will continue to expand our network for the benefit of our clients.

If you are interested in joining our group of friends as an employee, a partner or a client, use the contact us option above and one of our team will reach out.

"We have big plans for Eppione and the journey has only really just begun We would love to have you as part of our friends group."
David Kindlon 500x500

David Kindlon

CEO & Founder

David has been an insurance specialist since 2001, running the family insurance brokerage business in Dublin, Ireland. He is passionate about helping small and medium enterprises maximize their potential through the use of leading edge technologies and advisory services. David was a council member of the Irish Brokers Association.

Neil Fallon

Neil Fallon

COO & founder

Neil is an Employee Benefits expert and has been helping employers with pension, insurance and employee benefits matters since 1991 . He works with the world’s leading insurance companies and benefit consultancies to implement Employee Benefits best practices around the world.


Ernest Legrand

Ernest Legrand

EVP & FOunder

Ernest was a senior executive at IBM. He was Vice President global marketing and strategy in the insurance and banking industry and the Chair of the IBM web community worldwide. At Eppione, he is responsible for designing and building the Eppione software, developing the Eppione brand and contributing to the company strategy.