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Human Resource Information System | What You Need To Know


A Human Resource Information System is a vital component in helping your business operate compliantly.

A company’s HRIS has 3 main functions;

  1. Maintaining and updating employee data including time management (holidays/sickness)
  2. Storage of employee related data and documents
  3. Generating information for output to payroll etc


In-House or Web Based HRIS?

Historically, a business would purchase an in-house HRIS and then buy upgrades as and when issued – many businesses have already moved away from this to web-based systems which can be accessed via an internet connection (and therefore more suited to today’s agile workforce) and offer flexibility with module selection and convenience with automatic regulatory updates.


There is a growing trend for ‘End to End’ HR solutions and functionalities now widely available via HRIS may include;  

  • Employee Benefits Management – allowing the business to centrally manage and report on all Employee Benefits (multi-site and globally) and providing employees with easy viewing access and transparency on existing benefits and the value of their total reward and the ability to pick and choose benefits to suit their needs
  • Training and Development – e-learning, CPD monitoring, audit trails and reporting availability
  • Archiving – secure file storage, compliance with GDPR regulations  
  • Management Information – allowing analytics of real time data


These multi-functional Human Resource systems enable businesses to work smarter and improve productivity and efficiency within HR.


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Web Based HRIS For Greater Transparency

In addition, an increasing number of web-based HR platforms also allow for ‘Employee Self-Service’ – enabling employees to book time-off, view salary and benefit information and update personal details allowing greater transparency and reduced HR time in dealing with queries.  Mobile apps that allow for actions such as this are welcomed by employees who are now accustomed to having access to many aspects of their life via their smartphone.


Embrace Technology & Your Employees Digital Mindset

hris free demoAs technology is ever evolving, it is likely that new trends such as Blockchain, AI, Intelligent Apps, Analytics and Conversational Platforms will become integrated into HR systems and with increasing globalization there is likely to be more requirements for systems that can manage multiple countries, currencies and languages

A business who understands its employees and their digital requirements combined with a HRIS that can help with aligning company culture and processes will be at an advantage over its competitors

With so much to think about in terms of functionality, the basics should not be ignored.  



Important Questions To Ask Potential HRIS Providers


  • Is the System Cloud Based?
  • How does the system comply with GDPR?
  • What security assurances are there?
  • How will the system integrate with other systems e.g. payroll?
  • Are There Up-Front Costs for the system and installation?
  • Is there a minimum contract period?
  • Is there a test/trial option?
  • How will data migration work?
  • Which options/modules are included and what is the cost of other modules?
  • Are customisation options available and what are the costs?
  • Is data storage unlimited?
  • Are there any costs for reporting?  Are there any areas that can’t be reported on?
  • What training is required?
  • What support is available?
  • Are there any plans for enhancements to the system that could be of benefit?


Eppione Has Arrived

The Eppione cloud-based HRIS and Employee Benefits system allows small and medium businesses to effectively engage and manage their employees and offer access to flexible Employee Benefits in the UK, Ireland and globally.


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