Manage Your HR and Benefits As One



    How it helps you

    Our simple and easy to use HR tools save you time and inconvenience allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what’s most important to you, your employees.  Having access to all these features in one place ensures you can streamline your employee management and developments processes.


    Keeping records, demonstrating compliance with legal training requirements and anti discrimination practices is becoming more important and the Eppione system can help. Combine this with our Employee Benefit module for a unique total employee management system which include benefit management, communication and selection.

    Yes, the Human Resources tools (which include the employee training academy) can be used in isolation but we recommend combining this with our Employee Benefits management system to maximise the impact and user experience for employees.

    What Eppione does

    • Employee Data, file storage and management
    • Time Management – Holidays, Absence, Timesheets, Rostering
    • Register and provide training and development
    • Manage employee reviews
    • Company announcements
    • Access to employee for self service
    • Manage employees in multiple countries from one central location
    • Staff Directory


    How it helps you

    Competing for new and retaining existing staff is important and a system to communicate and manage your employee benefits is essential to support your efforts.  As employees demand more flexibility so your benefit platform must be able to change and adapt to these demands. Our easy to use Employee Benefit Platform is built in a way to help you manage these demands.  Helping you to ensure that you have access to policy information and contacts at the touch of a button and ensuring clarity of communication to all employees leaving no room for confusion.  Employees use their own portal to view and select benefits during a benefit window controlled by you and the system even produces reports to providers and payroll.  

    Yes. this solution can be used in isolation.  But, we strongly recommend using both the Human Resource and Employee Benefit system together as we think the combined power is unique and minimises the risks of incorrect data flow.

    What Eppione does

    • Store and Manage all your Employee Benefit Policies
    • Communicate benefits to employees through the employee portal
    • Allow employees to select and change benefits at your discretion
    • Show employees the value of the employee benefit package
    • Report to benefits providers
    • Report to payroll
    • Manage employee benefits centrally for multiple countries


    How it helps you

    Eppione’s belief is that insurance is an essential part of running any business.  What can happen to a business, its employees and its customers as the result of even a minor incident is often unknown but usually easy to solve with the right insurance solution.  Our insurance management module can give you the peace of mind that anywhere in the world you can access your insurance policies, key contact points, make claims and register/monitor claims on an ongoing basis.  Combine this with your Human Resource and Employee Benefit information and you have a powerful tool to help demonstrate your compliance with insurance coverage, manage your business and negotiate with insurance providers on future rates.

    Yes, this solution can be used in isolation and you can allocate key individuals to have access to it.  However, we do recommend using with the Human Resource and Employee Benefits modules as we believe the power of the combined data will give you the edge in insurance negotiations.

    What Eppione does

    Store and Manage all your insurance policies in one place

    Register and control claims


    How it helps you

    Employees spend the majority of their life at work and are increasingly reliant on their employer to provide (or provide access to) a wide range of comprehensive employee benefits as well as keep accurate records, comply with legal requirements and give high quality training.  If your employer is using the Eppione system you can rest assured that they are committed to all of the above.  


    The Eppione system allows employees to see everything related to their work life anywhere in the world.  Request annual leave, explore training and development opportunities, view and select Employee Benefits. Even something as simple as changing address or finding another employee through the staff directory can be completed on a simple to use bespoke online portal or by using the Eppione phone APP.  In addition employees will gain access to our online financial advice process.  This will allow employees to get a snapshot of their financial position through a bespoke cash flow model, identify shortfalls in retirement or insurance planning, access advice on investment solutions and store and manage their personal financial documents.  Our advisers and advice services will direct employees to the right resources saving more valuable time which will maximise time at work. 

    The support for employees will depend on the solutions chosen by the employer.  Individuals will have access to the online advice processes if they contact Eppione directly.  Individuals can also access our range of training through a separate unique training application.

    What Eppione does

    • Stores and Manages all employee data and files
    • Communicates benefits to them through the employee portal
    • Allows employees to select and change benefits at your discretion
    • Show employees the value of the employee benefit package you are providing
    • Allows them to access a unique range of tools through our partnerships including:
    • Personalised training and development
    • Individual and family cash flow modeling
    • Shortfall planning for individual protection and pensions
    • Access to bespoke ISA and Mortgage solutions
    • Access to full Financial Advice through our personal adviser team